IPL International comprises of a group of vertically and horizontally-integrated companies which deliver complete factory-to-site solutions for the power generation, energy delivery, infrastructure, mining and metals, petrochemicals, materials and transportation industries.

IPL International companies have earned a reputation for expertise in serving several sectors of the energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy power generation sponsors and EPC contractors, and renewable energy project sponsors and EPC contractors in the water, wind, solar, biogas and alternative fuel energy sectors.

IPL International companies also develop and leverage, through in-house research and development programs, proprietary software and OEM hardware solutions to solve our clients’ complex supply chain needs while streamlining costs, non-financial variables and timelines for such challenges while mitigating operational and emerging market risks.

IPL International companies continue to serve as the preferred vendor for many global Fortune 1000 companies including leading global power industry companies such as the Powerchina group and its subsidiaries, and a growing roster of other leading industrials such as the SEPCO III group, the Essar group, GE Power, Alstom, ABB, among many others.

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