IPL International logistics companies provide customized multimodal supply chain solutions for projects in a wide variety of industries. Besides general freight forwarding and industry-standard logistical services, the logistics companies are highly competent and practiced in crafting integrated and event-sensitive solutions for high-value cargo designated for remote sites through terrain challenged routes.

Our principal logistics and logistics management expertise include: cargo consolidation and factory-to-site route planning, mid-project logistics transfers and supplier changes, weatherproof packaging for out-sized cargo and multimodal inland transportation through extreme conditions.

We measure our success on helping clients meet project timelines and milestones with maximum operational uptime. We specialize in delivering cost-effectiveness to our clients by anticipating supply chain bottlenecks and gridlock through our daily monitoring of contemporary dynamic and event-sensitive global logistics marketplace, keeping a pulse on inter-connected regional nodes through our highly organized and networked local teams of multi-disciplined professionals.

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