IPL International Heavy Machinery division is led by a growing expert crane and trailer project partner in critical Middle Eastern and African projects. The division's growing 4,000 tonnes fleet comprises port, tower, crawler, mobile and barge cranes ranging from under 25 tonnes to 400 tonnes.

To support this fleet, Heavy Machinery division owns and operates a fleet of first-off-the-line direct from factory Goldhofer SPMT trailers custom designed for operation in challenging road and project conditions in emerging markets. Working together with IPL International Engineering teams, the IPL International Heavy Machinery division has provided clients with piecemeal or packaged heavy machinery hire, 24/7 servicing, expert advisory and execution services, training services and project management services. This seamless concerted ability between our divisions and companies ensures that our clients receive on-time delivery of services and machines with maximum uptime to achieve project milestone successes.

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